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Skoda Vision 7S: New electric Vision 7S from Skoda

New electric Vision 7S from Skoda

New electric Vision 7S from Skoda

Skoda Vision 7S: Skoda introduced the Vision 7S electric car, which can travel this far on a single charge

A seven-seater electric concept car has been unveiled by Czech republic car company Skoda based on the brand’s new design language. According to the company, this car can run for 600 kilometers on a single charge. Skoda plans to launch three electric vehicles by 2026, including this car.


Skoda Vision 7S

Skoda Vision 7S: With a single charge, it will run for 600 kilometers

The Vision 7S has an 89KwH battery pack that can power the car for 600 kilometers on a single charge. The car will be built on the MEB platform of the Volkswagen Group. Electric cars from Audi and Volkswagen are also based on the same platform. Depending on the situation, two interior configurations are available: driving and relaxing.


Skoda Vision 7S – Image: Skoda

Concept Skoda Vision 7S’s interior is unique

New technology has also been incorporated into the interior of the car. There is a 14.6-inch screen in the center of the interior, which is larger than any other Skoda. In this section, you can view information about the car’s navigation, entertainment, and gaming systems. Durable materials are used to construct this car, and the interior is free of leather. The car’s floor is made of recycled tyres, and the fabric used inside is 100% recycled polyester. It is made of polyester yarn that has been recycled.


Skoda Vision 7S – Image: Skoda

Lights with a T-shape

In addition to faux skid plates, blackened wheel arches, and vertical slits at the rear, the car gets T-shaped tail lamps. As part of the Skoda Vision 7S concept, Skoda’s headlights are also arranged in two lines on top of each other, thereby expanding the four eye light cluster into a T-shape.


Skoda Vision 7S – Image: Skoda

There is a focus on electric vehicles

Over 70 percent of Skoda’s electric cars will be sold in Europe by 2030. Oliver, Skoda’s Design Head, said: “We have been working on a new design language over the past few months, and I want to thank our team for their commitment.

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