Google Lens How to use

Google Lens

Google Lens lets you search, shop, translate, and more

A powerful tool, Google Lens identifies objects in a photo and suggests relevant actions or results. From identifying flowers to translating screenshots, it can perform a wide range of tasks. The Google Lens app is now available for all Android phones through the Play Store app (plus iPhones through the App Store). It was initially only available for Pixel phones.

Even when placed front and center on the Google Pixel 6, Google Lens can easily be missed. The purpose of this guide is to show you how to access and what it can do for you.

How to open Google Lens

Depending on your device, you can access  in multiple ways. For iPhone users, it is necessary to install the app, while for Android users, there are more options available. There is no limited version of Lens available with any of these options.

Although you don’t need to install the Play Store app to use Lens, you can only get the app alone on your home screen by installing it.

Google Search widget

There is a dedicated Lens button in the Google Search widget. The Lens app can be opened by tapping the Lens button.

Google Photos

The Lens button is located at the bottom-right corner of Google Photos. Tap it to open a photo.

Google Photos
Google Photo

Camera app

You may be able to open Lens in your camera depending on the app. You can access Lens by tapping the Modes button on Google Camera.

What can Google Lens do?

Google Lens uses advanced machine learning to identify objects in photos and suggest appropriate actions. The following are some of the things you can do with Lens:

  • A business card can be used to add a contact.
  • To read reviews, take a picture of the book cover.
  • You can add events from flyers or billboards to your calendar.
  • Animals and plants should be identified.
  • Find out where products can be purchased by scanning barcodes.
  •  works best when you point it at objects to see what it does.
Google Lens
Google Lens

A screenshot or photo can be used with Google Lens. By default, the app is divided into two halves. The bottom half can be expanded to show your photos. You can use Lens to transform an image by tapping it. To take a photo, you can expand the viewfinder at the top.

Whatever method you choose, Google Lens shows you a row of search options at the bottom. Select Search if you want generic results, or select one of the others if you want specific results (for example, to solve a math problem or translate text). The small magnifying glass in the lower-right corner of the original photo can also be used to define your search with text.

How to use a screenshot?

When a screenshot is tapped, Google Lens instantly performs a search. You can view the complete search results by swiping upwards.

How to use Google Lens with your camera?

Tap the shutter button when you are pointing your camera at something. Objects are identified by Google Lens and marked with a white dot. Swipe up to see an expanded list of search results after tapping one of these dots.

Use assist your searching?

Having Google Lens at your fingertips is a powerful tool. You can do a few things with it, but you should try it out for yourself to see what else you can do. We recommend using Lens often if you have Google Camera, since it’s integrated into the app. Additionally, Google Camera comes with all the features you need to take great photos.