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You’ll be able to use this new feature in Google Meet soon, find out how it works

The upcoming Google Meet feature: Do you also use Google Meet for meetings? Our news today is especially for you if you also answer yes to that question.

Google Meet Features: Those of you who use Google-Meet will find this news of ours particularly interesting. It has recently been announced that Google has introduced a new feature for Google Meet, which allows users to mute and unmute themselves with the help of the spacebar. Users will be able to use Google-Meet more easily with the new feature.

In a report from IANS, this feature will make it easier for users to participate in meetings, as they can simply unmate themselves by pressing the spacebar to keep their points in the meeting.

In such a situation, Google says this feature will help the users, and users will be able to mute themselves by simply pressing the spacebar after unmuting themselves.

You will get this feature disabled by default from the company, but you can enable it or activate it by going to Google Meet’s settings.

Additionally, Google says it can change the Hey Google Voice Control that works with Google Meet hardware devices. In the future, Google Assistant will only activate if your device isn’t in a meeting or if there are 10 minutes left until the meeting starts.

Google Meet Features:

Upcoming Google Meet Feature
Upcoming Google Meet Feature

Now that Google has combined Meet and Duo into one app, it’s throwing in a feature copied from Zoom. On the Google Workspace blog, the company announced that Google-Meet will soon allow users to unmute themselves by holding down the space bar and muting themselves again by releasing it.

This feature might sound familiar if you use Zoom frequently – and that’s because it’s essentially the same as the push-to-talk feature. However, Zoom makes these features available during video conferences, which is convenient if you want to chime in during a meeting and don’t want to stay unmuted for too long. We can thank walkie-talkies for that. Using a Ctrl + Spacebar shortcut, Cisco’s Webex allows you to unmute. Microsoft Teams also has a similar feature.

In September, Google will roll out its own version of the shortcut to all Workspace users, but it may take up to 15 days for you to see it. You will need to enable it from Google Meet’s settings once it arrives since it won’t be turned on by default.