13 Best AI Apps For Android


Best Ai Apps For Android
Best Ai Apps For Android

Artificial Intelligence In Android

Developing an application with Artificial Intelligence is the way to go in the IT world. Artificial Intelligence is making the right noise when it comes to trends and technologies. Our goal today is to provide you with a list best AI apps for Android that incorporate Artificial Intelligence so that users can enhance their knowledge.

As technology and science advance, artificial intelligence in android apps have become a major component of the industry, laying the foundation for mobile applications. Because of this, mobile application development companies are now game-changing. Artificial Intelligence in android  has led to significant market growth.

Artificial intelligence has expanded its horizons in every field through the bridge between humans and machines, the emergence of AI technology, and now AI applications.

Even though AI is one of the main topics of discussion in the mobile industry, the terms “OK Google” and “Siri” aren’t new to those who use mobile phones in their daily lives. These virtual assisting apps have been simplifying the lives of mobile phone users for many years now with everything from reading emails to online shopping to making phone calls.

It has crossed the imagination clouds to be implemented in all kinds of applications, not just voice command apps.

As we discuss the importance of AI, it’s time to see how the AI app for Android has flabbergasted the market.

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13 Best Artificial Intelligence App For Android

1. Cortona

Cortana is an best artificial intelligence app for android created by Microsoft which claims to perform tasks on your behalf, without you having to touch the phone. You can set reminders, keep notes, and even send emails using Cortana.

With this app’s sync feature, you can manage both your smartphone and PC simultaneously, so you can receive alerts on both platforms.


  • The ability to send reminders based on specific dates, times, locations, or people
  • Helps you keep track of information about your teams, interests, and flights
  • Using the app, you can make phone calls, send emails, and send texts
  • Keeps you up to date with what’s going on by managing your calendar to ensure that you don’t miss anything
  • Enjoy music, podcasts, as well as radio stations that you like
  • You can chat while playing games without having to leave the game screen while you are playing
  • Find facts, files, places, and information about the topics you’re interested in
  • You can open any app on your system by clicking on it

Price : Free

2. Google Allo

This is another AI-powered best Ai apps for Android that has all the makings of a great instant messaging app.

Its impressive features, such as doodles, Google Assistant, and gestures with stickers, make it stand out from other messaging apps in that it goes beyond the variety of basic tasks, i.e. doodles, google assistant, and gestures with stickers, which make it stand out from the competition.

By using the smart detection of your style when replying to an email or message, you will be able to reply to an email or message without moving your finger.


  • One-click smart reply
  • Text with creativity
  • Using emojis and stickers
  • Chat should be restored
  • You can create your own stickers
  • Customizable Incognito Mode
  • Using Google Assistant to answer your questions

Price : Free

3. Hound

The Hound app is a highly-rated best AI apps for android which will allow you to control your Android device with your voice. Just like Google Voice Search, the Hound app responds to the command ‘Ok Hound’ and will behave according to the given instructions.

Hound is an application that combines speech recognition with language understanding and performs a wide range of tasks for you. It is capable of providing you with weather forecasts, locating your local restaurants, booking taxis, and even performing calculations.


  • The speech-to-text technology
  • Quick and accurate assistance
  • Booking hotels through Expedia is integrated
  • Music search, discovery, and playback
  • With hands-free mode, you can make calls, send texts, and even navigate.

Price : Free


A language learning app known as English Language Speech Assistant (ELSA) is one of the most popular apps for android that make learning fun. This language learning app assists users in learning English as well as improving their pronunciation, making them more fluent in speaking English.

It is an best artificial intelligence app for android that helps the user keep track of their progress and provides a progress report. Be it the entire teaching material or just a pronunciation of specific words ELSA will be able to assist you without charging you too much.


  • Auto-generated curriculum customized to your native language
  • More than 2000 words correctly pronounced in English
  • Get instant feedback on every sound you make
  • Idioms you need to know

Price : Free

5. Robin

With Robin, the virtual assistance becomes even more viable and enjoyable. Robin is an best artificial intelligence app for android that you can use on your Android device to provide accurate virtual assistance even when you are driving.

Aside from its easy to use interface and quick voice command response, this voice assistant app is a great option for those who are looking for help with a number of tasks such as texting, calling, setting a reminder, GPS navigation, and much more.


  • Integration with Google, Office 365, and Exchange
  • Plugins for browsers
  • Designs that are customizable
  • Controlled access for groups
  • You can receive updates on traffic, weather, local news, and trending stories.
  • Shared calendars are easily accessible
  • Reports on weekly usage, space usage, peak hours, etc.
  • Management of remote devices
  • Scheduling meetings

Price : Free

6. Socratic

You might be having trouble with Math questions or you might be having trouble with any other subject? If that is the case, then the Socratic app has been developed with artificial intelligence in android to help you deal with these kinds of difficult homework questions.

The technology combines artificial intelligence in android with computer vision technology to help you solve questions in less time with an explanation that is provided instantly in addition to the AI.


  • Video explanations and step-by-step instructions
  • This course includes Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, and Literature.

Price : Free

7. Replika

The mobile app development process brings you an AI friend with whom you can converse and connect.

Using this app, users can create their own chatbot AI companion, one of the most popular android apps.

There is no need to worry if your friends are too busy to talk to you or go out with you, because Replika will stand by you like a true friend. There is nothing better than having fun, calming your anxiety, and feeling better with Replika.


  • Creating your own friend is possible.
  • Build a trusting relationship with a friend, companion, or mentor of your choosing.

Price : Free

8. Databot

You can now have a robot in your pocket thanks to mobile app developers.

The app functions like a virtual robot that is like a virtual assistant, but with the ability to speak to the user and ask questions, so it is a step advance from virtual assistance.

Aside from Siri and Google voice search, this app can solve riddles, tell jokes, and do many other things that are entertaining, unlike Siri and Google voice search.


  • Audio, text, and image commands are used to create customized multimedia presentations
  • SMS, email, etc., are all options for sharing answers to questions
  • The ability to customize based on language, voice, and behavior
  • The smart AI too continues to evolve with experience, just like humans.
  • Creates summary pages containing your answer, related details, materials, etc.
  • Notes and reminders can be saved, alarms can be set, and contacts can be searched.
  • Quickly identify your question’s subject
  • There are six languages available for Databot: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese.

Price: Free & some optional in-app purchase

9. FaceApp

An AI-powered photo editing app that was developed by Facebook to enhance a user’s photo editing experience, this is a fun app integrated with AI technology.

The app is much more than just a photo editing app; the user can easily change their look, their gender, their hairstyle, and a lot more fun things with this app.


  • Find your perfect hairstyle, mustache or beard.
  • Simply tap to replace the background
  • You can change your gender, age, for more fun
  • Numerous tools are available, such as color filters and lens blur

Price : Free to use with some optional in-app purchase

10. Google Assistant

The best artificial intelligence app for android will assist you with your hands-free mode. With this virtual voice assistance, you are able to communicate with your smartphone whenever, wherever, no matter what.

There are several integrated features in this app, from basic to advanced, that can practically handle any task you put in front of them. In addition, this app includes a smart home integrated app, such as Philips Hue lights. Just say, “hey Google” and you can choose any of these features.


  • Plays music at your command
  • Calls, texts, and emails can be made hands-free
  • Quick navigation and local information
  • Use your voice to search the web
  • Be notified of reminders

Price : Free

11. Lyra Virtual Assistant

As an interactive virtual assistant application, Lyra is an app that is known for its natural interaction and personal opinion. Unlike other voice command assistant apps, Lyra has a natural ability to interact with you and provide you with an answer to your question.

The extra benefit is that it is capable of translating words and phrases instantly and accurately, allowing you to use your phone hands-free, regardless of whether you are on the move.


  • Provides entertainment by playing YouTube videos or telling jokes
  • Opens Maps and gives directions
  • Create reminders, set alarms, and manage your diary
  • Contacts can be called, messaged, or searched
  • Check the weather forecast
  • Do a web search

Price : Free

12. Amazon Alexa

The Amazon Alexa voice assistant is a special AI technology that was developed by Amazon to assist users in a variety of ways including listening to music, creating shopping lists and much more.

An app for Alexa has now been released on Google AppStore for Android smartphones, which enables users to set up their Alexa-enabled devices at their fingertips. It is a widely used device for everyday tasks and has now been made available as an app.

A smart AI technology upgrades its memory as it is used more and more consistently over time. For example, when it recognizes voices, vocabulary, etc.


  • Easy device management
  • Devices that are compatible with Echo
  • Using echo devices to play multi-room music
  • Whether you are working on a shopping list, reading a book, or listening to music, pick up where you left off

Price : Free

13. Swiftkey Keyboard

The AI keyboard app has been developed by Microsoft with the intention of reducing the amount of typing and making it easier for the user to do more. The app is developed to accommodate different font styles, colors, designs, themes, and other features that visually appeal to the user.

There are several ways in which a user can type, such as swipe-to-type, touch-to-type, predictive emoji, or a GIF keyboard. Furthermore, prediction and auto-correct features are also available to make typing faster and easier.


  • Multilingual and custom keyboards
  • AI-powered prediction and auto-correction for error-free text
  • Over 300 languages are supported
  • Fun emoji keyboard with GIFs, stickers, and GIFs

Price : Free



Artificial intelligence in mobile apps has changed the way we look at mobile apps. Integrating human intelligence and behavior into apps has enhanced the user experience and made app usage more enjoyable.