Paytm Without Internet: Yes,we can use paytm offline transactions and recharges

how to use paytm without internet?

Paytm has announced a toll-free number 1800-1800-1234 for who are using primary mobiles and non-smart phones to enable consumers and merchants will use paytm without internet connection to make payments and receive payments instantly. It will educate millions of people to go with digital cash.

paytm without internet

To make cashless and transparent transactions as possible paytm is going to make all payments and receiving possible even without an internet connection.The payment gateway company is paytm working towards the app flexibility to digital payment services without internet.

The step taken by Paytm is encouraging the people a lot and will help to increase cashless payments such a way.

How can make it possible?

 To activate this service, first, step merchants and customers both of them need to register with Paytm to their mobile number and also set their four-digit  PIN. Then we can enter merchant mobile number, amount and finally enter the PIN to successfully sending the money from customer Paytm wallet to merchant wallet instantly.

“Finally we are decided to encouraging people more and more to make payments with Paytm in digital mode.The toll-free number we are providing to the users is a significant direction towards educating the people”, said Senior VP Paytm, Nitin Misra.

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Is it an alternative for regular wallet services?

It’s an alternative to regular wallet services providing cashless payments because no other wallet service offers payments and receives and pay using paytm even without the internet. Currently millions of people across worldwide accept Paytm as a payment mode.

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It is acceptable in most likely Kirana shops, hospitals, pharmacies, grocery shops, parking, multiplexes, coffee shops, restaurants, petrol bunks, auto’s, taxis e.t.c.

Also be used to pay services like food ordering, travel booking, movie tickets, and utility payments, recharge bill payments and shopping. It has focused on mobile payments; the company is very much closer to making cashless transactions a way of life around the world.

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