How To Turn Your Smartphone into Satellite Phone

If you are having your own satellite phone then being out of cellphone reception is no problem.Here’s how to miss a call again no matter you are in any corner of the world, and still keep your smartphone(iPhone or Android device) is enough.

I find it pretty worst situation that there’s cellphone coverage on the top of the  mountains and hillstations.only way to get guarenteed cellphone coverage any corner of the wrold is to own a satellite phone, and how you can convert your existing smartphone(iPhone or Android) in to a satellite phone by just sliding in to a case.

Yes, that’s exactly right, you don’t need a longer dedicated satellite phone.what you need is a Thuraya Satleeve.

Here what you want to do is pop the iPhone into it’s included adopter which will usefull to slide that in to the full Satsleeve.The Satsleeve function is over wireless or bluetooth provides your iPhone with the total coverage your desire.

satellite phone

A few added options come with the Satsleeve too.It has its own dedicated emergency button.If your in a dangerious situation ever, press one sends call out to a predetermined number of your choice for help.Even if it works when your iPhone is out of the Satsleeve.

It’ll comes with its own built-in rechargeable battery, so it can recharge your iPhone full time again.

The regular Satsleeve for iPhone only fits the iPhone 4, 4s, 5 and 5s.The all new Satsleeve+ is adjustable to suit phones like 58mm to 85mm in width. so, this model is also universal. So it works with Android phones as well.

  • SatSleeve for iPhone: Adaptor for iPhone 5/5s is inside the package (adaptors for iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 6/6S are available from Thuraya Service Partners)
  • SatSleeve for Android: Adaptor for Samsung Galaxy S4 is inside the package (adaptors for Samsung Galaxy S3 and S5 are available from Thuraya Service Partners)
  • SatSleeve+: A universal sleeve compatible with a variety of iPhones and Android devices. bb

Right now the SatSleeve+ is selling for just under $520 on Amazon. Yes, it’s that expensive. But if you’re someone this case genuinely appeals to, you’re likely willing to shell out the cash given your context.

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