TeamViewer remote control and how does it works for remote desktop

how to use TeamViewer remote control

TeamViewer is a software which is used to access over other PC or Mobile.TeamViewer remote control and remote sharing are the many useful things at many times.I have continuously searched for screen sharing software, and I come across Team Viewer.This software is straightforward to adapt and control over family and friends. PC or Mobile to share so many things using Team Viewer.It is also available for all major operating systems like Linux, Mac OS and including Windows.We have  Team viewer Android app and iPhone apps also available.So, you can go with Team Viewer download from Google play store and start using on your smartphones.In the latest version of Team viewer video calling feature also available.

teamviewer remote control

Screen sharing software having many features and I have given below some of them are

  • Screen sharing for online presentation
  • Accessing one’s computer remotely
  • Hosting an online meeting instantly

How can I use TeamViewer for remote control desktop?

These are the steps to Team Viewer free download and install the setup.If you do not yet download Team viewer, here is the download link.

The installation process is straightforward once you will run the setup file it will give you two options* Install * run.

Click on run button if you are frequent user for Team Viewer.

The ID and Password are given on the left side to allow the partner to take over your PC.

teamviewer download

You can use TeamViewer for

  1. Remote support
  2. File transfer
  3. Video calling
  4. Audio calling
  5. VPN connection
  6. Presentations

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How can I connect others TeamViewer remote control?

The right-hand side of the screenshot given an ID and Password using to connect your partner’s computer.You need to ask him for the Id and password.Once you entered the Id and Password into creating session box and next pop up came his password, and you will be able to connect his computer screen and do everything on his computer.

teamviewer free download

You have another option to multiple users connected at one time; which is suitable for group work.

Make sure its free version for non-commercial use, for paid version you need to buy this software.The total review of Team Viewer is a fantastic tool for supporting a remote controlling for online collaboration.

Click here for TeamViewer free download

Thanks for reading.

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    Yeah, Teamviewer is good. Alternatively, you may try a R-HUB remote support server for remotely accessing MAC and Windows computers. It works on Windows, MAC, Android, iOS etc.

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