How to Stop Autoplay Videos in Social Networking Sites

Today we are going to discuss about….How to stop autoplay videos in various websites and social networking sites.Autoplay feature is the most annoying thing for many of social networking users like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram E.t.c……The main disadvantage of this Autoplay feature will be a disturbance and wastage of data.As well as we scroll through the various posts the videos will play automatically.

The service you are using is free of cost, but there is an another drawback on mobile as well.It’s cotinuous looping can waste your data and drain your battery.So, there is an option for turn off those autoplay videos and How? Read it and find out.

How Auto-play stops on Facebook

To stop Auto-play in desktop:

Facebook has natively allows the disable Autoplay videos, it’s a good are the steps giving how to stop Auto-play videos in facebook web and Android and as well as IOS.

Coming to the desktop, Go to settings and >click on videos and select the dropdown button under the Autoplay videos and choose default ON and OFF.

here i am some screenshots for better understanding…….

How to Stop Autoplay Videos in Social Networking Sites

How to Stop Autoplay Videos in Social Networking Sites

social network

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To stop Auto-play in Android Application:

Coming to the Facebook Android application select Hamburger/three lines icon in the Facebook App you get the app settings>click the Auto-play and select your desired selection ON or OFF.

social media sitessocial media websites autoplay

autoplay videoautoplay youtubeautoplay audio

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How Auto-play stops on Twitter

To stop Auto-play in desktop:

Here are steps giving to stop Auto-play feature in Twitter.Just you can follow the steps given below.

Just you can go to the Settings>and click on the Account option>and then click on the Video Tweets>and that you can chose Auto-play in that unchek the disable Auto-play feature.

autoplay android

autoplay background video

How Auto-play stops on Instagram

To stop Auto-play in Mobile:

Its very simple process to disable Auto-play option in Android.It’s very simple just you can do the following….

In Android you can go to Hamburger menu >and select cellure data usage>and select less data option.

autoplay chromedisable autoplay

youtube autoplayautoplay in youtube

How Auto-play stops on Youtube

While you are on Youtube,you will find some video suggestions on the right side of your screen.There at the top of that you will find the Auto-play option.It’ll be in blue colour means its Enabled,once disable it and that is it your done.

autoplay in facebookautoplay instagram

autoplay twitterautoplay turn off


Thus its very easy steps that Auto-play option is enable or Disable is very simple to adopt and I hope you all follow…

Thamks for reading………..

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