How to Setup accelerated mobile pages for wordpress website

Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) is a better way to make your website load faster on your mobile devices.Page loading fast is always better user experience and it can be improved more traffic for your website.Particularly in this post, we will show you how to set Google AMP for your WordPress website.

What is Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

Google AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages.It is an open source platform initiative supported by leading technology companies like Google and Twitter.The main goal of this project is especially for mobile users to make web content load faster.There is no JAVA script loading all the pages in it.

Accelerated Mobile Pages project creates a special mobile view for your website.This AMP is an addition to the regular and mobile websites you already have.

How to setup Google AMP for WordPress:

It’s very simple process to add Google AMP to WordPress through an official plugin from Automattic.But, there is a drawback for the plugin to configuration option to AMP.So, and you need to add an extension plugin to able to further Google looks and function.

First, we need to know how to install and test an official plugin.Then we’ll go with extension setup.

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How to configure your Google AMP pages for WordPress:

First, you need to install the AMP for WordPress plugin to add the configuration option for Google AMP.

NOTE: If you already have the official AMP plugin installed then only AMP for WordPress plugin will work.So, surely you have to follow the above steps before you try to setup AMP for WordPress.

You’ll see a new “AMP” tab in your WordPress dashboard, once you activate the Accelerated Mobile Pages project for WP plugin. This is where you can configure advanced settings for Accelerated Mobile Pages:

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Get started by clicking on the “General” tab:

accelerated mobile pages wordpress

In this tab, you can able to add your site Logo, once adding the logo Google Analytics tracking, and automatically change the color scheme for your AMP pages. In the footer menu of your pages, you can also add custom text.

In the “notification” tab, when users visit your AMP pages the pop up will come this is another custom notice you can add.This is like a “Cookie contest” notice, but you can make the text anything you want.

Currently, we have Adsense is the only network supported by the plugin, the “Advertisement” tab allows you to add multiple “Adsense” ad blocks.

accelerated mobile pages benefits

“Single” tab configures the actual format for your AMP-enabled posts.You can choose to show/hide featured images, social icons, comments and lot more.You definitely should configure this tab.

accelerated mobile pages implementation

In above page “Structured Data” option allows your page length/width for your pages, as default featured image.

Finally, the “Custom CSS Editor” allows you to include any other Custom CSS snippets you would like to add.

The Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Project for WordPress will make you a perfect and accurate page loading speed and unbelievable experience.

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