How can i Restart Google Chrome Browser Without losing Open Tabs On my Computer?

Google Chrome, is one of the most popular and well known browser in the internet world. And one of the believable truth that the Google chrome browser is major RAM eater or memory hog.If your having the minimum RAM with your laptop or desktop will not be able to handle the chrome browser.This can be leads to crashing of Google Chrome browser.So, there we are having a tool to restart Google Chrome with out losing tabs in your computer.

Restart Google Chrome

How To Restart Google Chrome Browser Without losing Tabs

To restarting Google Chrome you need not have any extension apps.Google Chrome has provides with a URL to restart by itself.You just type this URL like “Chrome://restart”, then press enter. Your Chrome will be closed and opened with the same tabs which were opened previously.

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Steps here is how can add it to the bookmark

  • Open the Google Chrome browser and hit CTRL+D keys which will open bookmark window.
  • Enter name of the bookmark that you wish to keep, for example restart.
  • Then click on the edit button available in the bottom of the tab.
  • Now copy and paste Chrome://restart this URL in the URL box and then click on save.

Now you can easily restart the browser without losing your tabs.

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