How to remove your mail and social media accounts with one click

Social media and many  other websites needs to signup you to use those particular website features  you can delete all if those social media accounts with one click….

It may sound silly, but all the technology I’m expected to keep up with gives me serious anxiety.

I dont have any work with email and social media and internet also….How can i delete my accounts in different web sites……?

I have so,many accounts in different websites…how can i close it easily….?

So,many of unnecessary websites are having my MAIL-ID and my details….how can i delete those things….?

****So, you guys are also having these type of technical problems….?

With the internet we have so many uses and advantages…right now total world is running with internet.At the same time internet things are irritating the situation.At that time only we are feeling away from internet.Like that situation only DESEAT.ME  website is very useful to you. Privacy and data security is something we regard as extremely important. In fact, its our number one focus from beginning to end. That’s why we built it to run on your computer

social media accounts

How to remove your information in all social media accounts

How to go with DESEAT.ME website…To Easily deseat yourself


  • with your valid e-mail id only you are entered in to this website.
  • Once your athentication process completed with this website.
  • Then it will shows how many email accounts are interlink with your G-MAIL ID.
  • In that what are you willing to delete that releated to gmail… can delete.
  • In this process we have three steps…
  • click here  to see those steps from official website
  • we are giving to our details to that perticular website…according to the following steps.Then only we are able to delete our information to the unnecessery websites. is still a work in progress. The Daily Dot also reported that for most of the big social media sites, like Twitter and Face book, you can very easily select the deactivation option. However, smaller newsletters and other services may not have a delete link available, so you’ll have to go through and manually find a way to deactivate them. Even with these cases, it’s at least nice to see all the accounts associated with your email in one place. Trust me, when I “unseated myself,” I found accounts I have no memory of ever creating.


Thanking you one and all…….

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