NASA Is Trying To Find Out For Real“Star Wars” Planet and Searching for Alien Life…

Here is the concept belongs to NASA“Star Wars”.It’s not a “Star Wars” story but coming to real life it’s going to be true….! Because world famous NASA will try to find out planets like “Star Wars” .and searching for Aliens life.

NASA “Star Wars” hunting is quite interesting, and who are the people very much interested in…galaxy, milky way, stars, planets, satellites, Astronauts, Space ships, Aliens and the total universe. ‘According to NASA researchers, George Lucas’ imagination may not for off from reality, various “Star Wars” may be entirely science fiction.

NASA Is Trying To Find Out

According to NASA scientists, some planets discovered around our own galaxy may be quite similar to “Star Wars” exoplanets like arid Tatooine, Watery scarf, and even frozen Hoth.NASA Scientists applied sophisticated computer modeling techniques sifting through data on the more than 3400 confirmed alien world, to tease out the colors, light, sunrise, and sunset might encounter if we could pay them to visit.These distant worlds are even stranger and quite similar to the popular ‘star wars’ film like “Rogue One: A star war story”.

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Desert Planets are possible…..Like in ‘Star Wars’:

According to Shawn-Domagal, an astrobiologist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.This tendency might accurately than fans have ever considered mirroring the conditions of our real galaxy.

NASA scientists considered that there is ‘some research’ which showing that desert planets, like Tatooine, Jakku or Jedha e.t.c…. are likely habitable worlds to find.

nasa star wars

Did that NASA step into hunting for real “Star War” Planet?

Finding an inhabited world in reality, like all of the planets in the ‘Star Wars’ galaxy, is something far different than discovering a planet that’s like Mirror’s on-screen.Just earlier this year ther is a possibility that ‘NASA had discovered’ intelligent signs from a distant galaxy.It’s rapidly spread over the social media.


NASA is planning to launch the next generation space ship for another few years.Which will look ever more closely at the visible exoplanets in our own galaxy.whatever they may find, and take us one step closer to the kind of worlds that brings ‘Star Wars’ to life on screen.

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