NameCheap Hosting Review: Accordance with Speed and Uptime at Affordable prices

NameCheap Hosting is  importent then everything; now a days a small grocery story to big corporate giant everyone is having website dedicated to  their own business.Asking for business card or a broucher is has gone out of the way right now; what ever you need or want with that particular company or business you need find their website only.Having a website is honor and huge advantage for the company.

In this NameCheap review, one of the best companies ( we will make NameCheap review for several aspects according to the webmasters know weather NameCheap hosting is greater choice to their web sites.

Speed and Uptime is the main reason to choose NameCheap glass-door

NameCheap hosting is having 99.9% of accurate Uptime; page loading speed is incredible with advanced hardware and first class infrastructure.

PROS: It will be having

  • Over 99.9% Uptime
  • Money back guarantee
  • Reliable server
  • cPanel hosting
  • 1-click softaculous installer
  • 24/7 support when you need it
  • And NameCheap provides personal domains, top level domains and there plus free DNS.

NameCheap Hosting

Web hosting is the back bone for your website.So, many things depends upon your web host like Web site speed, uptime and safety e.t.c.If you have a creepy hosting provider then you will have a hard time to running over website and it’ll be slow and irritating.

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Now there is no worry because NameCheap the web hosting provider giving your data is getting stolen as they have top notch security and their data centers are capable of withstanding any sort of disaster.

Different plans with NameCheap:

Shared hosting gives you a user option to create multiple websites on one server.They i’ll offers unlimited bandwidth through number of websites with only one server limit.

NameCheap provides 5 different options to its consumer *Shared hosting*value*professional*ultimate and business SSD.

  • You can host maximum 3 websites and up to storage of 20 GB fair amount of $9.88 per year.It will be comes under value plan.
  • Coming with professional costs $19.88 per year and 10 websites limit with 50 GB storage.
  • Ultimate plan comes with $29.88 per year, 50 websites and storage of 50 GB.And coming to the last one business SSD cost of $19.88 per year, 5000 GB storage space and unlimited hosting.

Buy  NameCheap Hosting at low price

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