Mark Zuckerberg a man behind ‘Facebook’ creates his new hosuemate A.I system ‘Jarvis’ to help around the house.

Mark Zuckerberg a man behind ‘Facebook’ creates his new hosuemate: ‘Jarvis’- an A.I (Artificial Intelligence) system to control over home appliances, play music, turn on lights, and recognize faces and impressively his toddler.

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Zuckerberg inspired by the home computer system in the ‘IRON MAN’ movies and comics, last January 2016, he was going to focus on developing A.I to run his home and help him with his personal work.Fast few years Zuckerberg set challanged himself to learn new things like learning new languages, read two books a month and mingle with new persons every day.

The ‘Facebook’ Co-founder and CEO spent 100 hours of his free time putting to gather to improve Vertual Assistance- named after the A.I system inspired by ‘IRON MAN’ movie.Which will be understand spoken commands as well as texts.

Zuckerberg reported in his blog he built a simple system that using natural language processing, speech, reinforcement learning, facial recognization controls music, temperature, lights and home appliances in his home.

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Among Zarvis advancement: Zuckerberg offers an example of Zarvis work a video posted on Tuesday. “Zuckerberg 1-year-old daughter’ Max woke up a few minutes ago and is entertaining her,” here it’s telling.

Mark Zuckerberg posted a comment on his personal Facebook page, by the end of this year, “Zarvis” the A.I responds completely with more efforts.The experiment “could be a great inspiration to build a new product”. He wrote about Zarvis.

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Through that Zukerberg’s annual challenge is just over, he noted that he will be continuing work on Zarvis, including the Android app development, setting voice terminals and connecting more at home.

“If i spent another year on this A.I. It’ll become a more focused and high end features I’ll be added on this product.

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