Tech has been Reset 55,000 passwords after being hacked….But how it was hacked?

Lynda is a world largest online educated company providing thousands of online video courses in software, development, design, photography, business, and management like Founded in California, America in 1995.The Company provides video tutorials making by industry experts. On 9th April 2015, Linkedin announced to purchase Lynda worth of 1.5 billion US dollars. On 13th June 2016, Microsoft announced it would acquire Mother Company LinkedIn for 26.2 billion US dollars, deal expected to complete by the end of 2016.

PC Mag reviews for September 2015, for Lynda it is an “outstanding resource for video-based online learning, coding skills, managerial skills, and multimedia software whatever you need.” has hacked!

In the successful journey of Linkedin’s online educational site Lynda getting some problem with 2016. And this is potentially bad news about it

also read: Instapaper available for offline use recently accesses to its database containing users contact information, their learning data and which courses they have learned.The immediate direction of action Microsoft owned company confirmed that breach occurred and reset the password for around 55,000 affected users, because of security measures. is also working to notify that nearly 9.5 billions of user’s data, but there is no protective password information in the database. According to spokespersons review, we have an awareness that any of this data has been not publicly available and we are already taken secure steps to prevent such type of malfunctions for Lynda accounts.

In 2013, world-famous search engine faced this type of security breach, and it has stolen personal data belongs to users like E-mails, telephone numbers, date of birth, compromised names, and security questions and answers.

So, most of the websites they have taken preventive steps for such type of security breach.

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