instagram live stream feature for their followers

Hi, friends am eagerly waiting for INSTAGRAM LIVE.Most of the social networking sites are following the trend “LIVE” streaming.Already WHATS APP and FACEBOOK also provide the LIVE streaming trend.Now Facebook is ready to launches INSTAGRAM LIVE  in the Instagram app.

Recently Instagram has started an option its showing essential posts in stories.Now it is providing a chance to sharing the live videos.In Instagram when we are watching live videos, you can touch on the screen.Then automatically LIKE will show on screen.The Instagram app provides this “PERISCOPE” option in INSTAGRAM LIVE.

It”s a real-time experience for Instagram users lets you broadcast videos to your followers.Instagram is combined the best of snap chat, and periscope option helps to you get comfortable on camera.

Coming next weeks Instagram launches the two significant new features rolled now.INSTAGRAM STORIES on iOS and ANDROID.Rather, than Instagram is overlapping with Facebook life and Messenger.So, Instagram is putting “ephemeral” spin on new features.

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Instagram Live

Instagram live is the most important and “ephemeral” of the significant live streaming platform that makes easy.

While periscope option started a 24 hours expiration date, it systematically allows some stable and permanent replays like Facebook live.Once, video streaming is stopping then automatically Instagram live videos disappear. So, get people broadcasting more eventually rather than the saving capability.In this situation, viewers will feel the urgency to watch immediately, because, they know it’s only chance.

instagram live

To go live, you need swipe Instagram stories camera.Who”ve close friends shown interest to come watching the live video to hit with notifications.So, Instagram will choose close friends to demonstrated interest, as well as be showing live tag on yours Instagram stories bubble that shows at the top of the followers feed.For everyone who follows you prevent the notification overload that plagued ‘periscope’ early on…

Viewers(users)can comment, or tap continuously to add hearts exactly like on the periscope.Streamers also have hide comment option to block or report anyone who harasses them.

At any given movement none of your friends might be live, Instagram’s explore tab stories section will highlight the best live streams happening now.instagram will provide a curated channel you can swipe through, based on viewed contact, geography and language, creating the most laid back live discovery and consumption experience around.

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