Infolinks review 2017: Changing the Face of Modern Advertising

Infolinks Review 2017- best adsense alternative

Today’s discussion I have given you a brief on Infolinks review 2017.

So, it is one of the way to make money from a blog or any other online business.Most of the people who are running websites and online business definitely they’ll go with Adsence.But they didn’t get Adsence approval because of many strict Adsence policies.

There is Google Adsence Alternative:

Majority of the online platforms are applying for Google Adsence Account, but they will fail to get Adsence from Google twice or thrice.Google Adsence is not only a way to getting revenue from Ads.But there is a Google Adsence Alternative.That is Info links, which can be used to monetize a blog.

infolinks review 2017


Websites and blogs may or may not have Google Adsence, Infolinks is the best alternative and this is a way to make money from blog with Ads.For those who didn’t get Google Adsence, Info links is must.

how much does infolinks pay per click

if your Infolink`s Ad eCPM(estimated cost per 1000 views) is for example $4.40, and you had 500 ad views, you would earn around $2.20

INFOLINKS is the best Adsence Alternative….How?

Unlike Google Adsence, here main thing in Infolink is it doesn’t need any space on your blog to display Advertisements. Info links converts some keywords from your text in to a link.When a visitor comes over a link there it will be automatically displayed an Advertisement and you make money.

Here is an example for infolink Ads.

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It is a CPM and CPC based Ad network and offers IN-fold, IN-tag, IN-frame and IN-text Ad types.Publishers having full control on Ads can be displayed on the websites.

infolinks review


 infolinks payment


 infolinks cpm


infolinks review 2016

How can I display and integrate Infolink Ads:

It is easy process to getting approval from Entered all the details required and It will be verified your site.With in 72 hours you will get approval or disapproval. Once you will get approval, you can log on to the publishers dashboard.

Then click on ‘Integrate’ tab.JAVA script displays on that tab which is need to be added in your site and start displaying Infolink Ads.

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Compare to any other Adsence, Infolinks are

  1. Approval and Integration is easy.
  2. Advertisement space is not required.
  3. It doesn’t slow the website speed.
  4. Quick payment through Paypal.

click here to signup for infolink`s


In my review I believe Info links is the best then any other Google Adsence Alternative.

I am looking forward to your response…

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