how to recover deleted photos from android phone for free

Today, we are going to be discussed how to recover deleted photos from android phone for free. it will help to our users.years are moving, days are changing, a time has started changing ever since the latest advancement in android technology. With new Android versions, there are no of new challenges for Android users. One of the challenges is to how to recover deleted photos from android phone.

Now we can take these apps and know how to recover deleted photos from the Android phone for free. This will help to find and recover the lost data from your smartphone. No doubt we are all know how to use the recycle bin in desktop PCs. Have you used this feature for your android phones? Yes, it’s possible to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin is now possible even on Android Phones.As usually in laptops and desktops we are having to recycle bin, whenever the user deletes a file, images, videos, or documents, all the data now goes to Recycle Bin.

Of course, there is no Android Smartphone that comes with the built-in this type of facility app.Users have to install the third-party app to achieve this goal. So, in this article, we are going to talk about two best in recycling apps that provide recycle bin to recover the deleted files and most important data. If you have mistakenly deleted a file and if u want to get it back where it was, you undo the deletion process using these apps. So here are the apps that help you know How to Add a Recycle Bin to Your Android Device.

how to recover deleted photos from android phone

Add Trash Dumpster app for Android:

This app comes with easy and is very user-friendly. There is no another way you can’t fall in love with this app for sure.Trash Dumpster is the app that will help you to keep your deleted files safe at the same place where you want it and how you want. The program is very simple and user-friendly. Dumpster app all files and programs that you have been cleared Save and as long as you do not erase them orders, Stays.

how to recover deleted photos from android phone

How to Add a Recycle Bin to Your Android Device using Dumpster

 ⇒     Before deleting any stuff, you need to point the hamburger symbol on the upper left-hand corner and tap settings.

 ⇒      Go to “Protect Settings” on the menu and then select the types of files like





5)other files

you wish to save.

 Click here to download the Dumpster app

♥  A user can choose from images, Videos, Audio files, Documents, Other files, Apps and Protect Apps Updates means all sorts of data.

♥    In Settings, users can also configure Dumpster so that it automatically erases the files that it has saved every week, month, or a quarter.

♥    Finally, you can specifically select the type of file Dumpster Should Save on the device

This app also provides you the option to only delete a particular kind of file or erase everything all together. It is a great feature that enables you to specifically save the data according to your preference and choice.

For more clarity I will give you by steps:

step 1: First, install and run the program. Then running the application, do not forget to delete or undelete files in Android settings should do it. In the following, we will know.

once running the program, according to the screen shot below, enter the Setup section.

dumpster recycle binstep 2: Then there is the option “Protect Settings” choose which is allows you to store all types of files after deleting a Dumpster, a variety of audio, video, apps and documents as well as protection updates.

dumpster android

step3: Select the file type which you want to store in Dumpster. Better to choose all of them.

  • You can click on each section to activate if you need only the audio files are kept clean, just click on the Audio button.

Also, you can enable Auto clean option if you want Dumpster to auto clean the recycle bin after a particular period of time (Not recommended to do that, leave it disabled).


recycle bin app

Auto Clean Dumpster

Of course, the paid version of the app also has the ability to provide backup your deleted files, data and upload to the cloud and also can lock especially for this program; you can set up your only access to the program. And another feature of the paid version of this app is that you cannot get rid of annoying ads in the app.

recycle bin download

Restore Data Recovery

step4:- Now, if you delete any files, images, videos it goes to Dumpster app. Now, you can easily recover these files from this app. You have to select any required file which you want to recover and tap on the “Restore” button.

recycle bin recoveryNote: Just do not forget to final use; make sure that you delete a file as a test to make sure applications function properly. Android devices also have back up for one of the cases for phones and tablets Android.

Thanks for reading…….

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