Google Gboard Feature Is Available For Android Users

Google has recently rebuilt for it’s Google keyboard for Android as Gboard. Google Gboard has first launched IOS users.Finally, Google upgraded for Android users can go ahead and grab from Google play store.Google is continuously trying to developing the new feature keyboard as an App more than just typing words and Emoji, finally on Friday 16th December 2016 it’s release Gboard feature for Phones and Tablets using its own Android OS.

keyboard for Androidgoogle gboard app

The all-new Gboard app includes the standard feature on Google keyboard.It provides text prediction, auto correction, and swipe typing a letter to letter instead of tapping on letters and voice all features are encouraging and increasing the usage as well to provide easy moving on typing experience.

google keyboard

Gboard has all features that all things you love about your old keyboard.Like speed and accuracy, Glide typing and voice typing plus Google search built in,” “you can search and send information, immediately right from your Gboard.It has some other advantages like multi-language typing to help the switch the language on the fly. Gboard can suggest that the words from any of your supported languages, so there’s no more irritations for trying to choose between “the” in English and “thé” in French.

google Gboard

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Compare to the keyboard using today, Gboard offers the same Glide typing, prediction and auto screening and another improvement, as hinted the above quote. It’ll be available in multiple languages and if you have them installed on the phone and enjoy more than 100 languages.

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Various search buttons on the top row of keys, in an auto-correction area you can trigger than for internet search to instant results and push that information to the chat messages.

It’s too exciting feature to go and install your Gboard app for your Android devices, and its automatically replays the stock keyboard and enjoy the last facility given by Google.

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