Facebook Testing Feature Free and Public Wi-Fi Lets You Find Nearby Wi-Fi

Nowadays most of the people using Facebook and 3G or 4G enabled smartphones with ultimate speed.But some of the people are searching for free wifi hotspot networks.Where is free wifi hotspot network around me……..?

Facebook has begun to test a new feature that lets you find a nearby(Wi-Fi) wireless hotspot.It’s an early testing feature designed to highlight places where you can access free and public free wifi hotspot near you.Facebook confirmed that it’s wi-fi discovery feature is being rolled out now, but it appears to only be in select countries.It’ll help to stay connected to the friends and experience they care about a new feature that open source Wi-Fi network associated with nearby places.It’s everything Facebook wants from its live feature.

Right now it suggests it is available for some users through the IOS app.If you have it, scroll through your menu option to find “Enable Find Wi-Fi.”Toggle the settings for turn on.If, it is there.The app will automatically detect places nearby with an access point.

Facebook also recommends giving the app permission to access your location history, claiming it’ll “allow Facebook to built a history of precise locations received through your devices.”

free wifi hotspot

Facebook has previously toyed with the idea of facilitating Wi-Fi access.The company “partnered with Cisco” two years ago in a “pilot program” in which free internet available if you checked in to business using the social network.

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The current test Facebook is running with an extension of that idea, As it’s a showcase business that has a social presence and it could give them preferential treatment, others have free Wi-Fi but are not as well-to-do as their competitors. As a benefit to users, Facebook is ready to listing out the official Wi-Fi network for featured business, So there’s a lower likelihood that you”ll access a spoofed access point. Regardless, it’s a prudent always to protect yourself and data when accessing a public network.

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