Facebook can see Inside Your Photographs: Did you know that?

Now a days every buddy having Facebook account, it’s a social platform to collaborate with others.When you uploading any photograph or image to your Facebook account, they look in to the photograph to analyze the actual content of the photograph and try to determine what are the objects and scenes are inside the image.If you aren’t add any description to your image, yet FB can optimize and determine what the picture is all about.

Whether you are having Coffee, enjoying the bike ride, playing cricket or enjoying an evening with friends, FB can accurately figure it out from photo itself.Internally they can make these machine generated captions to make your picture more accessible to blind users.

Facebook image recognition

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Computer Vision Tags For Facebook:

If you are curious to know about…..What information FB recognizing visually? Algorithms have found in your own picture, here’s an easy steps to find that data.

  1. First you can open any image or photograph of your or an orthers on the Facebook and click the thumbnail to view the image enlarged version.
  2. Right-click the image and select inspect to open the Chrome Dev Tools.This trick would work all across modern browsers since they have developer tools built-in.
  3. Then you’ll find the description of the image as seen by Face book at the alt attribute of the image tag.

Facebook recognization computer vision tags cover’s multiple aspects including food, objects (e.g.pizzas, mobile devices), sports, nature (foot ball, sky), people expressions (are they smiling or crying) and more.The best part if you are in the group photograph Face book can accurately tell you the exact number of people in the image.

Github user has created a Google Chrome extension that takes away all the manual work and overlays the tags on the pictures without you having to hunt inside the developer tool.

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