Donald Trump – The Legacy Beguns

Donald Trump is the defination of American success story,He is continually setting the standards of excellence while expanding the  interest like Real Estate,Sports,Entertainment.He is the most intellectual and couragious bussiness man and a stunning deal maker.

Donald Trump – The Legacy Beguns

Mr.Trump is started his career in his father’s office in Sheepshead Bay,Brooklyn,New york.He worked five years wiyh his father and they were doing busy making deals together.

Then Mr.Trump quoted as, “My father was my mentor,and i learned so much from him tremendous every aspect of the construction industry.’’Fred C.Trump father of Donald Trump often stated that “some of my best deals were made by my son,everything he touches seems to turn to gold.’’

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Trump – The king of real estate 

Mr.trump then entered in to the very different world of Manhattans real estate. Not only New York and US all over the World,the trump signature is synonymous with the most prestigious of addressess.Among them are the world renowned fifth avenue skyscarper Trump towers and luxury residential buildings.

trump donald


And some of 610 Park Avenue,Trump Plaza,Trump Palace,Trump Parc. e.t.c………Mr.Trump also responsible for the construction of Jacob Javits convention center.Manhanttan community board five awarded for Mr.Trump “tastful and crative recycling of a distinguished hotel’’.

Mr.Trump has recently recognized by Golf digest magazine as “Golf’s Greatest Builders Today’’ and “The Most important Figure In The World Of Golf.”

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Donald Trump – The next generation

Donald Trump Jr.

Donald trump Jr. is an iconic innovator and leader in todays young bussiness world.As an Executive Vice President at the Trump organization.

donald trump jr

And siblings are Ivanka and Eric to expand the compny and working with tandem.And he is coordinating and expanding the ventures like real estate,retail,hotel and Golf across the world.He is having extensive real estate development experience and add a level of detail and depth to development and deployment of current and future Trump projects.

Ivanka Trump  

Ivanka Trump is one of the most influencing and recognized iconic young bussiness women in the world today.

ivanka trump

She is the Vice President of development and aquisations of the Trump organization.Ms.Trump charged with the domestic and international global expantions of the companies real estate interests.Ms.Trump who joined the organization in 2005,directs all areas of company’s hotel management and real estate platforms.Ms.Trump is actually performing in all aspects of the company.

Eric Trump

As an Executive Vice President of of development and aquisations of the Trump organization.Mr.Eric is resposible for all new development,acquisations and new new expansions of real estate constructions all over the world.

eric trump

Eric Trump is actively performing the activity to spread the business and rapid growth in the Mr.Trump golf collection and bringing the platforms.

Donald Trump – The History Who Makes In US

He will be the 45th American President on 20th January,2017.

Donald Trump has stunning the entire world with a magnificent and crushing victory in the US presidential election.

donald trump book

Donald Trump creates the history in America that could be the 8th November2016,presidential election.The people of United States will committed to elect Donald Trump will be the voice of the people has risen up.

Most of the opinion polls defied the defeat not favourite “Hillary Clinton’’ and become the next president-elect of America.

The final opinion polls suggested Mr.Trump was trilling his rival by three or four percentage  points as voting.But he made a mockery of every prediction.

The process of 2016 general election process Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton facing together running for US presidential election.Finally Donald Trump racing the crushing victory.

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