How GoDaddy helps to provide Domain Name and hosting

GoDaddy is one of the publicly related domain registrars on the internet.And also it will provide domain name and web hosting.As on January 2016, Go Daddy has more than 61mollion domain names under the registration, making world largest ICANN accredited registrar.It’s having 13million people and 4,908 employees worldwide as on December 2014.

GoDaddy provides not only domains apart from that Web sites, hosting, Web security, online Marketing, Emails e.t.c.Go Daddy offers domain name from the starting price 99/- rupees only.There is a significant saving availability over the registration.According to the customers what they are searching for a suitable domain name related to their online business or any other startup can make easy to choose.There are plenty of domain names available according to the customers’ needs and wants.

Why choose GoDaddy for the domain name and web hosting?

Domain Name is the backbone for every business as well as most of the customers they will striking for most memorable domain name available in Go Daddy.So, this will be award-winning 24/7 customer support to help to build your online business.Around the world 13millions of customers, they are happy with Go Daddy services and no other domain registrar not provide services such away.There is the additional advantage limited to one domain one customer and this best policy ever company offers.

domain name and web hosting

GoDaddy services:

GoDaddy provides different types of the domain name and web hosting, Websites according to the customer’s needs and wants.


Without a domain name, you can’t have a =-website like a domain helps to drive towards your website.In this process GoDaddy provides services like

  1. Domain Name search
  2. Personal Domain
  3. Domain Broker
  4. New Domain extension
  5.  Bulk domain search.

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A website is vital to any modern business.If you are selling products locally or by word of mouth, customers looking for your site.So, Website is the platform for every current business.In this way Go Daddy provides

  1. Web Builder
  2. Online Store
  3. WordPress Websites


Hosting is what makes visible on the website.Go Daddy offers different types of hosting services which are.

  1. Linux Hosting
  2. Windows Hosting
  3. WordPress Hosting
  4. Dedicated IP
  5. Premium DNS

Services: Virtual Private server, dedicated server, cloud server, cloud applications.

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