Android Police toolbox Chrome extension that enhances the Play Store

Hi guys from last few days am working on chrome extension for APKmirror.Extension is nothing but simply adding the button next to the install button on play store,which it will comes to the searched the application on APKmirror(thus allows easy to download).But at the time of development,extension gains the abilities that should be in the play am very much exited to release Android Police Toolbox for Google Play Store.

CHROME: Play store is handy its belongs to Google web version,but its still missing some features after all these years. Toolbox for Google Play Store helps to fix a lot of minor issues to make it easier to use your Apps.

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Toolbox is having several features,which can be turned on or individually in the extension setting.Firstly,the chrome extension intigrates APKmirror,Appbrain,Android police in to play store app listing.Each site has a button next to the install button.The Android police button searches for apps,Appbrain button searches for statistics about the given application and finally APKmirror button searches for APK”s of the application.

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Next is one of my favorite feature,which shows the direct list of TESTING PROGRAMME INFORMATION.When this feature is on Toolbox checks everthig if a given application has a perfect or not.This extension will now show you a handy link where you can sign up for the beta and most bleeding edge version immediate

Android police


click here to download toolbox for google play store….

Once clicking on the Toolbox ickon in the toolbar reveals the quick settings,Enable or disable the features can be with out opening the full setting page. Toolbox for Google Play Store is currently avilable for Google chrome.For opera should be ready for few days.

Thanks for reading………

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  1. Nice try….keep going and its been good enough…..

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